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Serving the Sherburne Area and Minnesota
"Preserving the Happy and Sad Moments in Life

Videography Pricing

Our pricing is straightforward with no gimmicks.

  • Videotaping: $90 per hour, including travel time one way, setup, and takedown.
  • Editing and assembly fees: $75 per hour
  • All hourly services billed in 15-minute increments to save you money !!
  • DVD’s are professionally edited with personalized case covers, DVD faces, and menus.

Special Event Pricing

In order to accommodate large groups, we will videotape your event at no charge to the sponsoring organization with a guaranteed prepaid minimum of 50 DVD sales at $20 each. Payment must be made at the time of taping.

Each additional DVD after the first 50 will be $7.00.

We will be happy to set up a Paypal page to take orders if you wish to make things easier.

Please contact us with any questions!

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